mission and vision of domes expert

Mission & Vision of the domes expert.

As I was writing before in the description of this blog, this corona time actually helps me to get out everything from my inside and I think it’s the time to introduce it to the public.  Of course, I always had Polidomes’ company mission and vision in mind, but now I managed to put it […]

geodesic dome expert

“Every dome is a new baby”

I studied pharmacology in college and during the same time I started working as a project leader for a Spanish company called Last Lap (www.lastlap.com). I was only 20 years old and found myself managing big clients for companies such as Nike, RedBull, Reebok, Playstation, etc. I worked in this field for 12 years and […]

world map with dots

Bringing geo domes all over the globe

We decided that it’s time for a short summarize of Polidomes’ efforts, since we counted more than 40 countries where Polidomes’ geo domes where assembled! With over 10 years of experience in the world of geodesic structures, we are proud to be able to say that we have already provided the most demanding of customers […]

polidomes mobile hospital

Anti-pandemic solutions

MOBILE SOLUTIONS TO COMBAT THE SPREAD OF THE PANDEMIC. During this worldwide health hazard time, we could not stay aside, so we came up with a project for a COVID Mobile Hospital, containing segregation and decontamination lock chambers. We have organized a series of e-meetings and talks between doctors, hospital directors and health care technicians in […]

Karolina Bertman blog

Polidomes’ CEO

Karolina Bertman is a strategy expert and visionary who brings with her more than 15 years’ experience in the business sector. She is well-known for her passion for R&D and focuses herself on continual development and her goal of achieving the impossible. She has an analytical mind and education in economics. She graduated from the […]

semi planetarium

Space science & mobile planetariums

We noticed that not only Polidomes international team features with talented and uncommon people, but what we do also attract extraordinary individuals. That makes our work even more interesting! We decided to open the curtain and introduce some of our clients that are passionate about what they do and design the future of their field. […]

geodesic tent withstand the hurricane

Indestructible Polidomes tents

It was the message from the client that took away the sleep…  11 December 2019 the violent winter storm in Iceland had to reach its peak with intense snowfall and close to 250 km/h gusts. In the middle of that storm appeared the Aurora Basecamp, housed in three igloo tents manufactured and installed by Polidomes company. […]

Discovering talents [VIDEO]

Inexperienced boy from the small Polish village was celebrating his birthday in Las Vegas. I have been working at Polidomes since 2012. I started my career at the age of 22, as a young, inexperienced boy. I never expected the things that I would achieve and how much my life would change. After dropping my […]

VOR Polidomes

About us – our early beginnings [VIDEO]

We (Karolina and Krzysztof- co-owners of Polidomes Int.) met in 2000 while attending Szczecin University. We were both majoring in economics and specializing in finance and banking. After graduating, we returned to our family homes to begin our careers. Soon we decided to try out our strengths by doing a joint venture together. After a […]