Mission & Vision of the domes expert.

mission and vision of domes expert

As I was writing before in the description of this blog, this corona time actually helps me to get out everything from my inside and I think it’s the time to introduce it to the public.  Of course, I always had Polidomes’ company mission and vision in mind, but now I managed to put it on paper in a straightforward manner and ready to announce to the world at large!

Our mission statements encapsulate the values that are important for every member of the Polidomes team, for every employee involved in the geodesic dome production process. Me and my business partner Krzysztof (co-owner of Polidomes International), we were always full of ambitions, as described in the article about our early beginnings, no surprise that this “Mission and Vision statement” is setting a high bar. Moreover, we want this statement to be front and center in the minds of everyone who works in or interacts with our business.

Our Mission

1. To follow our beliefs.

2. To accomplish the impossible and do it now!

3. To produce the highest quality products and offer the best services in the world.

4. For our customers to feel secure and in good hands at every project level.

5. To be friends for our customers.

6. To be authentic and real at each stage of interaction.

7. To continue to be synergistic individuals that work together as a great team.

8. To treat our customers as we would like to be treated.

9. To fully focus on the endless task of development and technological advancement.

Our Vision:

1. To develop solid partnerships worldwide. 

2. To continually develop Polidomes LAB, our R&D facility for the invention of new products and customization services for our customers. 

3. To continue to grow as a team of leading experts in the field as far as development of new ideas, products, and inventions.  

4. To offer the most advanced and highest quality manufacturing services.

5. To become the number 1 company worldwide in terms of rental of event domes. 

My main focus now is to achieve the impossible. Since I got so lucky to meet amazing people that share our “Mission and Vision statement” I want to put them all together into my jigsaw. All together we have more ideas than a forest has trees! That is why we created Domes.Expert blog and the series of episodes called “Polidomes series” made in very high quality (like everything we do ;)) by a fantastic cinematographer Michał Jagiełło. That is why we created Polidomes LAB, and on its web page you can find a statement:

We believe that innovation drives us to redefine the sky’s limits, and we feel our best when facing complicated challenges! We have the expertise and experience to enclose virtually any space on any surface!

Polidomes LAB

Polidomes LAB is a place where we call our experts to solve difficult and unusual structural challenges. As an example serves the McDonald’s giant bubble placed in 2018 in Lublin for the commercial campaign or the mobile solution to combat the spread of COVID-19. As I always say “Just give us a challenge and watch the magic happen” :).