Polidomes’ CEO


One day everything started to make sense… We understood that domes have only served as an anchor for us, the reason why we have had the chance to meet so many specific outstanding people who started to contact us and helped bring the ideas we have had to fulfillment.

At times over the years, I have felt like  I was ready to explode from all the energy and inspiration I received from those people. I pulled myself together and wanted an interaction with them on a closer, more universal level with a  completely different vibe than you have during regular talks. This has started and continues to this day… I sometimes feel I operate somewhat like a medium,  like a magnet that draws such people to me.

We are starting this website during what is possibly the worst time ever… The world is in the greatest crisis it has faced in the 21st century with more problems of people being isolated than ever before. People being too caught up in the virtual world has been one cause of isolation, while now the virus itself has pulled us apart more than ever before.

On the other hand, this is the best of times, as never before have we had the time to cherish our relations, freedom and other people around us more than we do now… You can’t really truly appreciate the basic important things of value you possess until you have been forbidden to have them.

One day everything seemed so stable and all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to fit perfectly into place and the next day the whole routine we had been so accustomed to seemingly ground to a halt…

On the other hand, being in quarantine for over 2 weeks now I have come to understand what is the best and most valuable thing of all in my life, and that is… people! All those relations I have built over the last over 10 years… not the domes themselves, not the services we have offered, but the people… specific people that I have been able to meet because of the domes. Domes were just the object that brought us all together.

I feel privileged and honored that thanks to what Polidomes is doing we have continually met amazing people that not only have been our clients but have become dear friends. At the same time, our work has also brought with  it one hell of a challenge which is the reason why our job has never been boring or something we grow tired of. In fact the more you do it, the more addicting it becomes to the point that it seems you can’t live without it.

Finding time to make these realizations would never have been possible if it were not for the corona virus… the business has been growing so quickly is has seemed virtually unstoppable. I would say that once we have had this moment to slow down, at least this is what I want to believe, is  there was a reason for that, to find those thoughts and find time to stop and appreciate those things which are truly the most important.

Let us make from these circumstances the start of a new beginning… something much greater than any virus. The energy of real human beings will always be much stronger and will last and overcome any obstacles that may appear before us.

Let us start from this point and believe that the world will regain some form of normalcy again and let us focus on having great passion and brilliant ideas that only human beings can bring forth to overcome the problems we face and to change the world!

This blog is about real people, real projects, and pure humanity and positive energy that will survive and overcome everything!

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