Bringing geo domes all over the globe

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We decided that it’s time for a short summarize of Polidomes’ efforts, since we counted more than 40 countries where Polidomes’ geo domes where assembled!

With over 10 years of experience in the world of geodesic structures, we are proud to be able to say that we have already provided the most demanding of customers in more than 40 countries worldwide with high-quality geo dome structures.

In order not to be unfounded, here we will recall some of the most remarkable projects implemented by Polidomes’ team. Of course, that Polidomes company started as a manufacturer of geodesic dome tents. We produced tents from the smallest one as 6,2 m in diameter up to extra large with 50 m in diameter. But evaluating in a world in which companies are constantly challenging themselves, Polidomes designed a lot more than just a dome tent. Years now, Polidomes company is a manufacturer of the wide range of products that include: high-quality event tents, luxurious all-in glamping tents, multifunctional amphitheaters, and the most exclusive total solution for 360-degree projection domes. So talking about Polidomes’ geo dome structures implies customised solutions designed and implemented by Polidomes from scratch.

Thanks to our in-house development and manufacturing, in our portfolio you can find dozens of customised total solutions such as geodesic roof, giant inflatable bubble (like we did for McDonald’s), transparent tiny igloos 3,6 m in diameter (like we did in Ukraine) or even bubble inside the bubble (like we did for Hyatt)! We are ready to accept any challenge, but always as a function of your wishes and always according to an honest and efficient approach.

Speaking about the numerous countries where Polidomes geo domes where installed, the first country on that list however would be native Poland. The country in EU where main Polidomes’ production is located. That means that all our clients have a guarantee of the highest standard quality according to the European regulations. 

Innumerable projects in Poland and each of them is special for us and has it’s own story. A lot of local festivals and social initiatives that are hard to imagine without Polidomes’ tents. Year after year they have stability in choosing a location and for us it’s a pleasure to see the same old faces.

So let’s bring forward some of the projects that impressed in our memory.

The giant inflatable bubble in the middle of the city

The weirdest locations

Difficult terrain is the strong suit of Polidomes geodesic structures. Due to an exclusive plywood floor setup, with anti-slippery layer, placed on an upraised steel frame with the leveling system, every Polidomes geo dome tent can be built almost anywhere in the world. 

For example, building a wedding dome tent on the Miami beach or in the Arabian desert is a piece of cake for Polidomes team! Even if the dome tent is huge as Polidome 700 with 30 meters in diameter, like the geo dome we assembled in the middle of the desert specially for MDL Beast 2019 – the largest music, arts, and culture festival Saudi Arabia.

Or installing the P75 promotional tent for The North Face high in the French mountains covered with loads of snow is not a big deal if you deal with Polidomes’ geo domes. 

One of the most unique projects which Polidomes crew will never forget was building a northern lights center in Iceland. Three customised glamping domes, Polidome 150 and two Polidome 110, called to create an Aurora Basecamp from scratch. The fascinating part is that all this was happening in the middle of uninhabited land strewed with volcanic rocks and small bushes. 

The most complex design

Handcrafted structures built with focus, passion, and rigorous attention to detail is what Polidomes is all about. We are known for total solutions that include concept, design, fabrication, and installation. That is why McDonald’s turned to us to create the biggest snow globe in the world. An inflatable giant bubble tent for McDonald’s installed in Lublin (Poland) during the holidays had 13 meters high! The snow globe was made of transparent PVC, that looked like just as a real glass boll, but meeting all the strict standards of safety. This innovative solution impressed everyone! The goal was totally achieved – a lot of noise in the mass media and crowds of interested people! 

Another history is with Polidomes projection domes. Those enthralling high-end temporary structures complemented with integrated AV solutions have unlimited potential! Polidomes’ projection environment manifested as a powerful promotional tool that stirs the imagination, engages audiences, and inspires emotions! Extraordinary project for IDEX 2019 in Abu Dhabi is a perfect example of an unconventional approach using the Polidomes projection dome screen. The Polidome 110 tent was literally built into the exhibition environment, so no one could even assume that it’s a mobile solution. Walls built inside the tent hidden the projectors’ struts, leaving just a completely smooth video projection screen. 

The fanciest projects

One of the first of our projects in the United States was an amazing Faena Dome in Miami presented by Polidome 300 (21m diameter) placed directly on the ocean-shore. This special Polidomes’ geo dome produced for Art Basel was covered with brand printed fabric that looked like a breathtaking work of art! The dome was one of the main centers of the event hosting parties, charity concerts of Kendrick Lamar, and presentation of Gorden Wagener where Mercedes-Benz was the official vehicle. 

And of course, in the category of our fanciest projects, it would be unfair not to mention The Dome designed and manufactured especially for the Volvo Ocean Race. Being white outside with the large red brand design on the cover Polidome 300 was made completely black inside. This special design was meant to create a cinema darkroom. All Polidomes’ geo domes win points not only for their distinctive look but also for their safety and cost-effectiveness. The structures can be erected quickly, easily, and safely. Thanks to the above Polidome 300 accompanied the VOR at all ports on six continents for 3 years!

Thanks to a strategic vision and an expert team of enthusiastic employees, today Polidomes is a massive player in the worldwide development, production, sale, and rental of geodesic structures with no challenge being too great. Polidomes team does everything in its power to find a suitable total solution for every project!

See for yourself, that Polidomes’ geo domes are known for their high quality at an affordable price because the entire design and production process is carried out and followed up in house.

So do challenge our limits, we are prepared to do everything in our power to make your project a success!